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XCEL Surgical Pet Clipper Blade  3/128’’ 0.6mm Cut Length (#40FC)


When preparing for surgery, the hair around the surgical field and beyond should be clipped and vacuumed before making an incision. An XCEL #40 blade can remove hair from 10-15 cm on either side of the proposed incision site.

Hold the clippers using a pencil grip to clip the hair and cut along the hair growth pattern to remove most of the hair. Then, turn the clippers 180 degrees and cut against the hair growth pattern for a closer clip.

It is recommended to clip extra hair beyond either end of the expected site to permit extension of the incision in case of emergency.

The clipped hair should be removed using a vacuum to remove as much loose hair as possible before skin preparation.


XCEL Surgical Clipper Blades are designed to create the smoothest possible finish on a pet’s coat without leaving any tracks. This revolutionary blade has been engineered to require fewer passes through the hair, which helps you save valuable time and money.

XCEL Surgical Pet Clipper Blade (#40FC)

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