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CLIPPER SHARPENERS RECOMMEND using old-style clipper blade drives with a metal bar with red Lube. Here comes XCEL with the solution.

QUALITY CONTROL -To guarantee flawless grooming, every unit undergoes testing
before packaging.

COMFORTABLE GROOMING WITH LUBRICANT - XCEL Premium Blade Drive is lubricated to smooth clipping, even with thick dog fur.

XCEL PREMIUM BLADE DRIVES ARE UNIQUE compared to other blade drive replacements available in the market. Unlike many others with a fragile plastic attachment, XCEL's blade drives have a sturdy metal bar and lubricant in the middle, ensuring strength, stability, and smoothness along the drive bridge. This makes them far more reliable.

XCEL PREMIUM BLADE DRIVES are compatible with the following clipper models: AG, AGC, AGR, AGR+, AGRC, AGCL, BG, BGC, BGR, BGR+, BGRC, BGCL, MGB and SMC Andis 5-speed clippers.


The Functionality of Blade Drives:

The blade drive is a crucial component of every clipper. It translates the power from the motor into the cutting action, enabling the blade to move back and forth rapidly to achieve precise hair trimming. A properly functioning blade drive is essential for a practical clipper that delivers smooth and clean cuts, which is what clippers are known for.

Precision and Efficiency: A high-quality blade drive in clippers has the key benefit of offering precision during grooming sessions. The blade drive allows the cutting blade to move smoothly and accurately, enabling users to quickly achieve the desired hair length. Whether a close shave or a precise trim, the blade drive ensures consistency and accuracy throughout the cutting process. This level of precision saves time and guarantees a professional-looking result every time.

Durability and Longevity A reliable blade drive ensures that the clipper remains in optimal condition for an extended period, minimizing wear and tear on internal components and saving users money in the long run.

XCEL Blade Drive Premium

SKU: Xcel Lubricated
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